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Special Products UV Lamps

Special Products UV Lamps-p

Special Products UV Lamps

Special Products UV Lamps;

As special lamp manufacturer, we have the capability to fulfill the individual custom and unique requirements of our customers. Next to our linear and U-shaped lamps, we also offer special shaped low pressure lamps, which are perfectly adapted to your product and its contour.

Moreover, our product range icludes quartz glass reactors with melted or changeable UV-lamp.

Electrodeless microwave- or high frequency driven UV-lamps are part of our portfolio as well.

  • Omega lamps/ ring lamps for shadow-free irradiation on micro-structures
  • Sprial lamps for irradiation of laboratory samples in cylindrical quartz vessels
  • Meander-shaped amalgam lamps for area radiation
  • Sulphur plasma lamps for sun simulation

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