UV Measuring Window

UV Measuring Window

UV Measuring Window

UV Measuring Window;

The measuring windows are needed for plug-in sensors in accordance with DVGW that is ÖNORM. We offer you a wide selection of different design shapes to facilitate the adaption to equipments geometry and different applications.


The measuring window is used mainly for certified drinking water preparation equipments. In these cases the interchange ability of the sensors is a required criteria since this equipment has to be checked regularly with a reference radiometer.


We are proud to present our newly developed outstanding measuring window with direct glassing which has allowed us to take the lead for this kind of technology. It is most suitable for high UV-irradiation as well as for applications in the pharmaceutical and food industry. The main advantages of this measuring windows are the fact that we do no longer use aging elements for sealing and therefore there is no longer the risk of substances which could penetrate the medium to be sterilized.


Measuring window for plug-in sensors in accordance with DVGW W294 that is ÖNORM 5873
Different lengths, designs and stainless steels are available
Measuring window with direct glassing for a maximal UV-stability
Possible modification on customer’s requests

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