UV Measuring Devices

UV Measuring Devices;


Uv meter-1

Uv Meter

UV Meter

Simple handheld unit to monitor the radiation intensity in production processes or laboratory applications. Different sensors are available for this device to measure punctual and planar radiation sources.

UV Measuring Devices

MUV 2.4 WR

MUV 2.4 WR


Reference radiometer for checking plant sensors in accordance with DVGW that is ÖNORM.



Automatic toggle of range of measurement
Automatic sensor detection
Reference sensors in accordance with DVGW W294 (40° and 160°) as well as ÖNORM 5873
Analogue output and serial interface for measured values output on controls that is on a PC
Accumulator operating or operation through network adapter 110/230 V AC with automatic charging function
Level of protection IP65

Battery Operated Lamp Testing

Battery Operated Lamp Testing

LT 1


Battery operated lamp testing device for gas discharge lamps. Ideal for all UV-lamps from our standard range. Integrated functions for voltage control, continuity testing and torch light. Every equipment manufacturer should have such a device.

UV Ölçüm aletiTMX 01


Battery operated transmission measuring device. Ideal for the on-site analysis of UVC-transmission for water at 254 nm. This device is needed for the design of new equipments as well as for surveying the water quality. For this device we also offer you a rental service.

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