UV Lambalar

Philips Spare UV Lamps

Philips Spare UV Lamps;

As a distributor for Philips, we sell their original UV-lamps for a variety of applications.


Short wave UV-lamps have their main emission at 254 nm and are mostly used for air, water and surface disinfection purposes.


UVA-lamps emit a spectrum between 350 nm and 400 nm. Their main use is reprography and insect traps.


Due to special quartz glass, the 185nm wave length is blocked for both types of lamps. So there is no ozone generation.


The following Philips UV-lamps are available through us:

T5: UVC-lamps (diameter 16mm)
T8: UVC-lamps (diameter 28mm)
PL-S: UVC-U-shaped lamps with starter
PL-L: UVC-U-shaped lamps without starter
TL-D: UVA-lamps, light colour 10

Philips yedek UV lamba
UVA/B Low Pressure Lamps

Philips portfolio of UVA lamps for technical applications

TUV lambalar-p
TUV Lamps

Low price UVC-lamps made by Philips

TUVN Lambalar-p
TUVN Lamps

Modified Philips lamps, the lower price alternative

Parçalanma Korumalı TUVN Lambalar-p
TUV With Shatter Protection

Philips standard lamps with shatter protection for use in food industry

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