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MLC-Rack UV Power Supplies

MLC-Rack UV Power Supplies


MLC-Rack UV power supplies;


The MLC-Rack is an electronic power supply for up to 30 UV-lamps per system. Its modular design guarantees minimum installation effort an ensures efficient maintenance routines.


Ethernet an ModBus communication provide excellent control and monitoring of each and every lamp.


In addition, our patent-pending lamp control allows efficient and gentle lamp operation, so the lamp life-time can be extended. The dimming function is a standard feature.


For larger applications treating drinking water or waste water, the MLC-Rack is an excellent choice of power supply.


Lamp power up to 1,000 W per lamp
Modifications to meet the costomer’s needs are possible
Very low THDI-value of <5%
Universal supply voltage between 320 V and 520 V
GL-conformity for ballast water treatment systems
Step-less power control from 30-100%
Possible modification on customer’s requests and specifications

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