UV Güç Kaynağı

LP-EPS Single-Phase Connection

LP-EPS Single-Phase Connection

LP-EPS Single-Phase Connection

LP-EPS Single-Phase Connection;


These devices are designed for the connection to the standard network supply. All devices starting with 40 W. As established in law to minimize the network reaction a PFC is installed. Some devices can be used for different lamps and may have additional functions such as dimming or control interfaces.


These devices can be used for almost any applications and are meant to replace some of the still available conventional ballasts.


The device control unit UVT control 200 integrates into the compact and splash-proof housing a ballast as well as an UV-monitor with control functions. The control device is ideal for controlling individual equipments, saving you from mounting a electrical cabinets.



UVT Control 200

UVT Control 200


  • Available power ranges from 4 W to 800 W
  • Different concepts available from various producers
  • Mostly with potential-free error message contact
  • Possible modification on customer’s requests and specifications

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