UV hava filtresi

UV Air Filters

UV Hava Filtreleri

UV Air Filters

UV Air Filters;


Many people spend most of the day indoors (work, school or home). Test results show that bacteria, viruses and molds are more often found in closed areas than open areas.


Indoor air is often poorly ventilated and that means it is full of dust, carries many pollutants. In addition to lots of bacteria, viruses, mold and pollen, the air may contain cigarette smoke, food and pet odors and exhaust fumes. The presence of high amounts of such infectious substances acts as a stimulating mechanism for a number of different diseases, the most common being influenza and asthma.


UV Air Filter is a UV filter system which is used for disinfection of air in all environments with air conditioning and ventilation system. It is used for various purposes in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic production industries. To give some examples; Production and preparation, storage, packing, packaging, cold chain, ventilation and etc…


Also, UV Air Filters are preferred to clean air in operating room, intensive care and laboratory units.


They provides complete safe and effective air sterilisation against possible problems against microbiological contaminations.


Uses of UV filter systems are increasing and developing in different fields. This includes veterinary uses, animal husbandry production farms, patient rooms in homes, offices and smart building solutions.

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