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About Us

UV Filtration Systems and About Us;


UV Teknik was established to operate in the UV technology, and it engages in the sales representative of Germany-based company UV-Technicke Speziallampen GmbH in Turkey .


As UV-Teknik, we aim to build strong solution partnerships with manufacturers and vendors of UV sterilisation, UV enhancements, UV disinfection and IR drying industry.


UV technologies have numerous applications in the industry. We offer our customers complementary products such as UV lamps, electronic ballasts, underwater tubes, UV sensors and the like. Our product range is based of European origin and extensively expanding.


We are also specialised in the production of low and medium pressure UV lamps and UV filtration systems.


Our main goal is to offer our customers the most affordable and exclusive solutions. In addition to having specialised staff in UV Technick Speziallen Lampe, in which we act as a sales representative, industrial solution partners work closely with the university and its application departments.

In addition to these representative for Turkey that we do in the UV-Technik GmbH Speziallampen is Philips’ main distributor and partner. This means that we can provide a wide range of Philips UV lamps to our customers with very competitive prices.


For all your questions and needs regarding our company, products and application areas, please contact with us.